Mind Body Spirit Festival London

Come and Join us at The Yoga Shala. 30th May - 4th June.

Mind Body Spirit
Earls Court, 30 May – 4 June
Advance Festival tickets £8 only at www.mindbodyspirit.co.uk/london/yoga_shala.php

On Friday 1st June Clare will be taking two workshops - hope to see you all there!

The Power of Breathing
LEVEL: All levels - complete beginners and advanced alike

Time: 11.15-11.45

Duration: 30 mins

The most important part of our day to day living – to inhale and exhale – to breathe. In this short workshop we will explore some ancient yogic breathing techniques that help us to find clarity in mind and focus for our Yoga practice . . . Your lung tissues will feel invigorated and expansive, the mind will be calm and present and you’ll be ready to practice.


Dharma Mittra Vinyasa
LEVEL: Some yoga expereince recommended

Time: 12.00-13.00

Duration: 60 mins

An introduction to a challenging and physically absorbing vinyasa series level 1 and 2 created by Sri Dharma Mittra. Designed to reintegrate the flow of energy through the spinal column and emanate deep into all areas of the physical, metabolic, and bliss bodies. This physical sequence includes balancing, twisting, back bending and inversions and ends with a deep focused relaxation - Cosmic!



welcome to soyogic.com

Welcome Om

..... take your coat off, sit down, put your feet up, make yourself comfortable .... how about a cup of tea?
Relax, take a look around and enjoy our brand spanking new soyogic.com website.

soyogic ….. so cosmic!

We are absolutely thrilled with how the website has turned out and we send a massive thank you to my friend and fellow Yogi Steve, and to Tom the super-star, and everyone else at the fantastic WWW.SOCIALGO.COM for building, hosting and helping with the design of soyogic.com. Really can't thank you enough.

The shop will be launching soon (in April 2012) so not long now. It has taken a lot of preparation, but I can guarantee we really do have the "best" yoga products that we believe are available in the universe, all here in one place. If you find one we’ve missed get in touch and we will do our best to find it and stock it! We also have a lot of passion and love for our own Yoga practice, and hope to share our experiences, photos and videos right here on this blog page. Post comments and get involved. It's great to have you.

Looking forward to 'yoga-ing' with you!

.... and Namaste.